Friday, July 15, 2011

We do count

I love the dogs and home life..But are we not all under pressure to make ends meet...Doesn't matter how much you earn extra you can spend it right. And I want to know whats going off in the World.  I don't expect I on my own can make a difference but how long it can be ignored . They say thanks to the world wide web we can see everything at our finger tips and it can be mind bending . But are we learning to much, have we finally wised up and realised that we are all owned by the banks ...Have you ever sat and worked out what is actually your earned money the time you have been taxed, payed your VAT and your % what is actually left.
Take our house for instance I think we are the 3rd mortgage payers....Cant say own it as we don't for another 9 years but just this one house how much as it created for mortgage lenders to invest and pay them self big bonuses
My husbands company the CEO was paid a £2,000,000 salary where as my dear husband and colleges received 1.5% pay rise...Bloody hilarious so 4 dealerships worked to pay this guy his salary...Something wrong there wouldn't you think ...Now I'm not Activist nor am I democrat . I'm not a freedom fighter I'm just a house wife and Mother and I am asking what is the future for my son, my neighbours young children and any future grand children I may one day have...I'm asking will there be more war and plots to disguise the real reasons of going to war, more suffering, more poverty and more misery.  Or do I have to accept this will always be the case and we cant change it ...Should I just be grateful for my lot and stop complaining...Well I cant and I wont...
So I am putting some links that I have found and people who are trying to make a difference

I hope people will look and do more looking        OK in light of the terrible events in Norway take a look at this

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